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Black+Decker Cordless Steam Iron Press | 2200Watt

Black+Decker Cordless Steam Iron Press | 2200Watt

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Black+Decker โ€“ Cord & Cordless Steam iron 2200W

Black + Decker โ€“ Cord & Cordless Steam iron 2200W

The powerful steam blast function of the Black + Decker 2200W Steam Iron is not only stylish, but, also a heavy-duty iron. Get the professional finish of crisp and crease-free clothes, in the comfort of your home. It features a host of functions when put together, to give you maximum utility and make your ironing experience hassle-free.

The distinctive feature is the cordless function. This makes it convenient and getting ironed clothes has never been easier!

It features a ceramic soleplate that glides on any fabric. It also has a control knob to adjust the temperature and steam burst as per your requirements.

Product Features

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Product Feature 3

This feature ensures you have ease of movement while ironing without any hassle. Once the iron is heated, you can use the cordless feature for some time. There will be continuous steam for a certain period post which the iron will stay warm and can be used for dry ironing. The iron comes with a back stand to let your hot iron rest and stay safe from any accidents.

The Ceramic coated soleplate helps in even heat distribution. It is durable in nature and helps in friction-free ironing on any fabric. So, you can iron any kind of fabric and remove creases without any problem.

Attack stubborn wrinkles and creases with the Steam Bursting Function and Spray Function. They provide that little extra moisture to smoothen the most difficult creases on garments.

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This feature controls the temperature and the amount of steam that is produced. Different types of clothes need different temperature settings. With this feature, you can steam iron all kinds of clothes without worrying about damage.

The 350 ML water tank ensures that you donโ€™t have to refill the tank every now and then. This also ensures that steam can be produced for a longer period as the water capacity present in the steam iron is on the higher side.

This 100 ML measuring cup helps you fill the steam iron sufficiently with water. Moreover, you can do so without worrying about spilling water on the steam iron.

Anti-drip Function

Anti-drip Function

The Anti-drip feature prevents the dripping of water from the soleplate. Even if the tank is entirely full, there will be no spilling of water from the steam. Neither, will the water droplets be leaking from any corner of the steam iron.

Higher Wattage, Faster Steaming

Higher Wattage, Faster Steaming

This Black + Decker Steam Iron has 2200 Wattage which leads to quick heating of the iron and faster steam production. Now getting rid of tough wrinkles and creases wonโ€™t be time-consuming.

Anti-Calc Function

Anti-Calc Function

The Anti-Calc feature helps counter the limescale build up which can damage clothes. This specially designed system in the iron prevents any limescale residue.

Self-Clean Function

Self-Clean Function

When you use the steam iron on a consistent basis, the calcium carbonate in the water leads to limescale deposits which affect the steam supply. The Self-Clean Function prevents any build-up.



  • Cord and cordless convenience for easy and hassle-free movement; Ceramic coated sole plate - even heat distribution and best for all types of clothes
  • 30 g/min continuous steam output and 100g/min steam boost; Visible water droplets in the water tank mean the iron was tested in the factory and passed the quality test
  • Anti-drip feature to avoid any water dripping from the soleplate in case the steam level is not reached;350 ml water storage tank, Cord length :1 m
  • Vertical steam: Ideal for all fabrics and saves time; Steam burst function and spray function; Self-clean feature to clean the scales built up; Warranty: 2 Years Warranty
  • Care Instructions: Handle With Care

model number:ย BXIR2201IN

Details:ย Black+decker 2200 watts cord and cordless steam iron provides supreme convenience to you. With a click of button, you may remove the back cover from the iron and there will no fuss of the power cord while ironing. Anti-Calc Function to Prevent Scale Build-up.

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