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Grana Electric Grain Mill

Grana Electric Grain Mill

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Color Beige and Brown
Brand Grana
Material Beech Wood & Granite Stone
Style Thermal
Item Dimensions LxWxH 19 x 19 x 47 Centimeters

Why own a GRANA Grain Mill?

  • Because commercial flour contains neither the healthy fibre of freshly milled grain, nor the germ of the whole grain which is rich in vitamins.
  • Because the essential nutrients of whole-wheat flour begin to decay immediately after milling, any delay from mill to oven represents a loss in food value.
  • Because whole grain has virtually unlimited shelf life so supplies are easily managed.
  • With your own flour mill, you can produce the quantity of flour needed at the required grind setting.
  • Because freshly ground flour tastes better due to its aromatic components.
  • These aromatic components are lost over time with commercial flours.
  • Freshly ground flour should be processed or eaten quickly, for only freshly ground flour provides the full flavor and vital nutrients that nature intended.
  • Because your own GRANA flour mill makes you independent from the market pressures that dictate commercial miller's pricing and availability
  • Because grinding your own flour is cost-effective in the long run.
  • Because your own flour mill is the foundation for a more food-conscious and healthier way of life.
  • Because grinding your own flour is fun!


 Frequently Asked Questions.


Q. How long can I run the GRANA Mill?
A. Grana Mills are designed for domestic use, it can run continuously for an hour. Post that, it may get overheated and turn off automatically.
Operations will resume once the motor cools down. This is because every motor is fitted with a Thermal Cut off to protect the motor from overheating. 

Q. Which grains can I grind in a Grana Mill?
A. All dry grains which do not have any oil content can be ground in the mill. In case you're washing the grains before grinding ensure that they're completely dry before putting them in the mill.

Q. How much time does it take to grind?
A. Different grains take different times to grind.
While the finest wheat flour takes 12 mins for 500gms, finest ragi flour takes only 4 mins. You can find grain wise details in the manual.

Q. What makes GRANA flour more nutritious when compared to store bought flour?
A. Our stone mills, like traditional chakkis, crush grains to the finest level possible with visible flakes of bran (skin of grain).
Bran is an important and nutrient rich part of the grain, which gets sieved out in commercial flour. You can expect anywhere from 8-15% bran in the GRANA flour depending on the grain.

Q. What wall socket do i need to operate the GRANA Grain grinder?
A. The GRANA Grain grinder comes with a 5Amp plug. So it fits into any socket you may have.

Q. Is it difficult to clean the grinding chamber?
A. Not at all!!
For a quick clean after each operation, simply put the hopper in a coarse setting and run a handful of grains, this will clear any residual from the chamber and snout. For a deeper clean, GRANA Grain mills are designed such that u can access the grinding chamber in a flash, to remove the hopper rotate the hopper in the anticlockwise direction. The stones can then be removed to clean. They come moulded into individual plastic casings so you don't have to worry about breaking or damaging the stones.

Q. What is the weight of the Mill?
A. It weighs about 7 Kgs when not loaded

Q. How often do the stones need replacement?
A. The stones are capable of grinding about 500 kg without needing replacement.
So the mill shall run for a long time without requiring any sort of replacement parts.

About this item

  • Material: Beech Wood & Granite Stone; Colour: Beige and Brown
  • Voltage: 220 V; Size (L x W x H): 19 cm x 19 cm x 47 cm
  • 450 Watt heavy duty motor with auto-shutoff thermal protection to ensure the motor isn't harmed during sustained milling, 0.3 HP MOTOR 
  • Special Feature: Has natural traditional chakki grindstones for grinding; Has 1 HP customized compact motor with automatic thermal cut-off; Handcrafted from durable beech wood to provide a robust structure
  • Special Feature: In an hour grain mill can grind up to 3 to 6 Kgs, depending on the type of grains; Package Contents: 1 Electric Grain Mill with User Manual
  • Care Instructions: Never use liquids for cleaning; For accurate results ensure the grains are completely dry.

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