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Wonderchef Regalia Coffee Grinder | Grind Coffee Beans | 2 Years Warranty

Wonderchef Regalia Coffee Grinder | Grind Coffee Beans | 2 Years Warranty

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The key to a delightful coffee experience lies in the coffee beans and the way beans are grounded. It is easy to buy readymade coffee grounds, but when you grind beans right before you use, it elevates the coffee experience from good to extraordinary. Indulge in the flavourful taste and rich aroma of coffee with the Regalia Coffee Grinder. From the finest setting for espresso to the coarsest setting for French press, Regalia Coffee Grinder is equipped to give the perfect coffee grind every time. When the perfect coffee grind is in mind, look no further than the Wonderchef Regalia Coffee Grinder.

  • Nothing compares to the aroma and taste of freshly ground coffee. You can experience this with Wonderchef Regalia Coffee Grinder
  • Conical burrs made of high-grade stainless steel grind the beans to uniform size as per your selection
  • Put the right amount of beans in the bean basket using a spoon - typically 8 gms for 1 espresso shot. One spoonful is about 5 gms of beans
  • Choose the texture of the grind by rotating the basket. Rotate the aluminium knob to select the number of cups (2 to 14 cups) and the machine will grind only the required amount of coffee powder. Watch fresh ground collect in the coffee powder container kept below
  • Grinds perfect powder for all kinds of coffee types like Italian, Americano, pour - over. Rotate the bean basket to select grinding texture from coarse – medium – fine
  • Coffee powder container with lid to seal the aroma of fresh ground
  • Wonderchef products are inspired by Italian Design and adhere to German Quality Standards. They are covered by reliable Wonderchef Warranty. T&C apply


  1. Β Add coffee beans in the container
  2. Rotate basket to adjust the texture
  3. Rotate knob to adjust no. of cups
  4. Enjoy freshly grounded coffee!

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